Visionary Mind #ultraviolet

Visionary Mind | Pantone 18-3838

CONCEPT: Cristina Grama


Cristina Grama & Fason Salon

Nicoleta Cristina Popa

Robert Mustățea

Bogdan Marish

Cristache Monalisa

MAKEUP: Mirela Vescan Make-up Academy | Mirela Vescan

MODELE: Alexandra Grama, Cosmina Grama, Irina Ignat, Ioana Adeline , Teodora Rasnoveanu

Regie si Edit - Sorin Florea

Photo: Christina Oné

Parteneri : Schwarzkopf Professional Romania, Eternal Beauty, Cereal Crunch Cafe, Patchouli Flowers Concept Store, Ivy House, Samsung.


Privind tablourile, artistei Georgeta Constantinescu, m-am lăsat purtată de o puternică inspirație ce mă rătăcește și mă pierde în lumea imaginației, ce-mi dă voie să visez cu ochii deschiși, să vizualizez o instalație vie intr-o compozitie plastică, să aud și să ascult sunete.......ireale, psihedelice, ce-mi demontează realitatea.

Mă simt atrasă si captivată intr-o senzație puternică de orizont infinit, o emoție bizară în care fantasticul se pierde într-o stare de imponderabilitate ce nu se mai raportează la timp și spațiu ci la universul nelimitat.

Culorile interacționează în cele mai variate aspecte pentru a concilia ființa eternă ce se află deasupra lumii reale cu forme și texturi fantasmagorice care se zbat între vise. Spirite ce vibrează levitând printre astre într-o liniște și o mișcare ce nu va înceta niciodată să existe.

Concept: Cristina Grama

Hairstyling: Cristina Grama şi Nicoleta Cristina PopaFason Salon

Styling: Alexandra Grama

Music: Simona Strungaru Symphonics

Clothing: Cristina Grama şi Alexandra Grama

Makeup: Nicoleta Cristina Popa

Photo: Christina Oné

Colectia PLACEBO

When I wake up I exit the universe of unconscious and dreams, and the conscious takes control.

This is how life starts with an immense flow of thoughts, ideas, wishes and needs. What is the mind? How can we define the space where, at last, we live our lives?

Have you ever thought about it? How do you imagine the mind, how do you feel it, how do you understand it? Is it like a cage or like a space for perpetual escape? Is it like a space where data of all your experiences has been configured beforehand and we are just trying to adapt? Or is it a space for your own creation without an end?

Our mind is actually everything. It’s information and emotion. It’s past present and future. It’s conscious and unconscious. It’s love, hate. obsession, compassion, generosity, humanity, animality, simplicity, complexity…It’s fear and courage.

The mind connects the body to the soul. It connects the material to the spirit. Those whom understand and accept the greatness of their own mind are able to manage not only their life, but their whole universe.

Each day is an infinite source of inspiration. Each object, colour, shape shadow we see is reconfiguring our life. Everything we feel is connected to the brain.

With the mind’s eyes we can see better than with the eyes underneath our lids. Smell is a source of sensation and information.

The pleasure of taste brings happiness and diversity.

With the ears of the mind we can listen to what has never been said before.

Our skin is a veil of sesors.

What you truly think, controls your life. Placebo is not a dream, it’s a reality . Watch your mind and you will discover your soul.

Everything that is known today, was once unknown, and everything that we still don’t know, we can screen with the power of our mind. What we have in mind already exists. Everything that we imagine, we can have.

Cristina Grama

Colectia ROGVAIV

ROGVAIV ‘Color is for the eye what is music for the ears’

From the wish to make the world more beautiful and more joyful I chose to color hair in the colors of the rainbow in the ROGAVIV collection.

I stared developing this concept from the idea of beauty in general. Beauty is controversial and different for each of us, but here it is , the exception from the rule: the rainbow. The most beautiful phenomenon in the atmosphere, which amazed humanity from every era, it is considered ‘a divine sign’ which brings good, peace and wealth.

ROGAVIV is a very colorful collection, each model is wearing a different and intense color balanced in this divine composition.

The element that unites the collection is the fringe which I cut at different lengths and in different shapes, in order to define the face shape and enchase the color.

The styling is free, showcasing different textures and lengths. The long hair free to flow is a symbol for freedom, while the short haircuts textured or finished are a symbol for a methodical movement, which is a sign that nothing is random under the sun.

Therefore, ROGVAIV is a story about freedom of speech, personality and expressiveness. At the same time, ROGVAIV is a tribute for David Bowie, an artist who inspired and influenced the history of music. His work was for sure another kind of a rainbow, a rainbow of experiences and emotions given to humanity, a particular form of giving which fulfills the purpose of any authentic artist.

Cristina Grama