What our clients say

  • Fason means dear people, talent and exemplary treatment. I loved Cristina Grama from the first time we met, because she inspires trust, she is a beautiful and talented person. Each time, the hairstyles she suggested, made an impact. I had the opportunity to participate to several events organized by Fason- all of them turned out to be a success, an explosion of color and creativity.
    For my next video, Fason will take care of my look to be impeccable- I am glad that there is such a salon concept and such a team. I thank you all for being next to me!

    Maria Radu

  • When my friend, Alice Nastase, editor in chief at Tango magazine, proposed me a photo session, I had a small-high retainer: at my age? How to make to look competitive? Usually, the beauties take photo sessions! - Stay calm- said Alice. I'll bring the hair stylist and the makeup artist, and I promise you'll be satisfied! So I met Cristina Grama...This is where a second concern intervened, as Cristina suggested me an easy change of look...I am a pretty conservative person and when it comes to changes of look, I usually experience an inner fear! However, because it was vacation and my show was also on a break, I risked! It is said: "no risk, no gain"! Cristina looked at me for long, she analyzed me on all sides, and afterwards the scissors began to chatter, the colors to combine themselves, the blow-dryers to make noise! Then, the brilliant photographer Paul Buciuta, immortalized the result...I can say with my hand on my heart that I have never received so many congratulations for the way that I look, as I received after the accompanying photo was published! Cristina, thank you! If all human beings who cross your hands enjoy a similar result, then our Planet would be more beautiful!

    Marina Almasan

  • (Română) In august 2013 am vazut-o pe Doamna Cristina Grama intr-o emisiune la televizor.Am remarcat modul echilibrat si incurajator in care vorbea . Esenta era : "parul si tenul le ai tot timpul cu tine ,deci trebuie sa le acorzi o atentie deosebita si ...permanenta " .Eram intr-o perioada de schimbare a statutului profesional si aveam nevoie de o "innoire " ( "reinventare " ar fi ,totusi ,prea pretentios pentru mine !)

    Atmosfera din Salon FASON este primitoare si plina de respect. Pe tinerii care lucreaza aici nu-i percepi ca fiind angajati ,ci ca facand parte dintr-o ECHIPA .Este meritul Doamnei Cristina Grama care ii supravegheaza discret ,care ii lauda ,care ii respecta si care a reusit sa mentina un echilibru ,ceea ce este in avantajul tuturor spre multumirea doamnelor care vin la salon si pleaca cu zambetul pe buze.
    Pe mine ,Doamna Grama m-a cucerit de la prima mea vizita la salon .Este deosebit ,deosebit de respectuoasa .Este discreta (nu te bombardeaza cu intrebari personale ) stie ca iti doresti momente de relaxare si iti respecta aceasta dorinta .Este empatica .Te trateaza holistic ,te" vede " intr-un tot unitar : varsta ,aspect fizic ,stil vestimentar .La inceput ,in perioada de " tatonare " mi-a sugerat niste recomandari ,ignorand cu delicatete defectele mele fizice .Acum ,dupa doi ani ,Doamna Cristina Grama imi anticipeaza dorintele.Mie imi da o stare de liniste si incredere.
    Nu sunt VIP ,nu sunt persoana publica ,sunt un om obisnuit insa in salonul Doamnei Grama ma simt ...DEOSEBITA .

    Victoria-Olga Capanu

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