Clients’ opinions

" As an artist, I found at Fason the ideal conditions to give life to all hypostases that my work involves, from extravagant characters for shootings and concerts, to feminine and refined appearances at different events and TV shows. Cristina Grama is a talented and visionary hairstylist and also an artist with an incredible energy. The performances of the team as a whole are doubled by the fact that, as a client, you are always welcome with warmth and friendship and you really become part of a special world, of color and magic. "

Alexandra Ungureanu

lead singer of Crush & Alexandra Ungureanu

" 8 years ago, when I first met Cristina, I was certain that there was no stylist who could understand my long, thick, difficult hair that was neither straight nor curly and that had a lot of personality. It so happened that I ended up in the hands of the wonderful Cristina and then the “myth” was shattered. I thank her because she exists and because she has turned every important event of my life a beautiful memory. She has an extraordinary talent of knowing what is right for everybody.
Beware: she’s addictive! :) "

Florina Florea

Thank you!
" Fason means dear people, talent and exemplary treatment. I loved Cristina Grama from the first time we met, because she inspires trust, she is a beautiful and talented person. Each time, the hairstyles she suggested, made an impact. I had the opportunity to participate to several events organized by Fason- all of them turned out to be a success, an explosion of color and creativity.
For my next video, Fason will take care of my look to be impeccable- I am glad that there is such a salon concept and such a team. I thank you all for being next to me!

Maria Radu

" Complete Look Inovation! Extraordinary, almost intuitive communication. She always, always has the ability to transform me and to make me feel like THE ONE. She was near me in the most important moments of my life and even outside them. She always made me feel and look as grand as the events I attended. Until this moment I have spent 7 years with Cristina and they were filled with amazing make-overs, without exceptions. "

Catalina Seres

" Distinguished means elegance, refinement, femininity, simplicity, good taste, passion and desire. That is not a dictionary definition; it is my definition for Cristina. I thank her for the moments when I was admired because of her. "

Madalina Negulescu

" Fason salon is not just a charmed place where I always regain my beauty, but also my refuge for spoiling, calm and good mood. Sometimes, I admit, I ran at Fason , not only to fix my hair or nails- these remain however as an excuse, but also to put my thoughts in order, to get a smile and a quiet respite. To leaf through a beautiful magazine or an art album, to find myself, to love myself again…. "

Alice Nastase Buciuta

Alice Nastase Buciuta Editor in Chief at Tango Magazine si Marea Dragoste /

" When my friend, Alice Nastase, editor in chief at Tango magazine, proposed me a photo session, I had a small-high retainer: at my age? How to make to look competitive? Usually, the beauties take photo sessions! - Stay calm- said Alice. I'll bring the hair stylist and the makeup artist, and I promise you'll be satisfied! So I met Cristina Grama...This is where a second concern intervened, as Cristina suggested me an easy change of look...I am a pretty conservative person and when it comes to changes of look, I usually experience an inner fear! However, because it was vacation and my show was also on a break, I risked! It is said: "no risk, no gain"! Cristina looked at me for long, she analyzed me on all sides, and afterwards the scissors began to chatter, the colors to combine themselves, the blow-dryers to make noise! Then, the brilliant photographer Paul Buciuta, immortalized the result...I can say with my hand on my heart that I have never received so many congratulations for the way that I look, as I received after the accompanying photo was published! Cristina, thank you! If all human beings who cross your hands enjoy a similar result, then our Planet would be more beautiful! "

Marina Almasan

" Cristina Grama and "Fason" team are warm and inspired souls, who believed in COBZALITY from the beginning!
At "Fason" we always find good mood that dissipates any trace of everyday fatigue, we find friends, we find patience, we find relevant and professional styling suggestions and nonetheless, we find the inspiration and the energy that successfully completes COBZALITY project! We are happy with our image on every possible stage, in every corner of the world! :)
By the way, it is full of musical instruments in the salon, where else would we rather go?? :)


" (Română) Culori noi si oameni minunati, in viata mea ! Astazi, m-am reintilnit cu Cristina Grama, unul dintre cei mai dragi specialisti cu care am colaborat, de-a lungul anilor de televiziune. Ne-am jucat si am colorat, ca doi copii mari si doua vechi prietene. Multumesc, Cristina ! "

Irina Reisler

(Română) Se spune ca nimic nu este intamplator in viata .
" (Română) In august 2013 am vazut-o pe Doamna Cristina Grama intr-o emisiune la televizor.Am remarcat modul echilibrat si incurajator in care vorbea . Esenta era : "parul si tenul le ai tot timpul cu tine ,deci trebuie sa le acorzi o atentie deosebita si ...permanenta " .Eram intr-o perioada de schimbare a statutului profesional si aveam nevoie de o "innoire " ( "reinventare " ar fi ,totusi ,prea pretentios pentru mine !)

Atmosfera din Salon FASON este primitoare si plina de respect. Pe tinerii care lucreaza aici nu-i percepi ca fiind angajati ,ci ca facand parte dintr-o ECHIPA .Este meritul Doamnei Cristina Grama care ii supravegheaza discret ,care ii lauda ,care ii respecta si care a reusit sa mentina un echilibru ,ceea ce este in avantajul tuturor spre multumirea doamnelor care vin la salon si pleaca cu zambetul pe buze.
Pe mine ,Doamna Grama m-a cucerit de la prima mea vizita la salon .Este deosebit ,deosebit de respectuoasa .Este discreta (nu te bombardeaza cu intrebari personale ) stie ca iti doresti momente de relaxare si iti respecta aceasta dorinta .Este empatica .Te trateaza holistic ,te" vede " intr-un tot unitar : varsta ,aspect fizic ,stil vestimentar .La inceput ,in perioada de " tatonare " mi-a sugerat niste recomandari ,ignorand cu delicatete defectele mele fizice .Acum ,dupa doi ani ,Doamna Cristina Grama imi anticipeaza dorintele.Mie imi da o stare de liniste si incredere.
Nu sunt VIP ,nu sunt persoana publica ,sunt un om obisnuit insa in salonul Doamnei Grama ma simt ...DEOSEBITA . "

Victoria-Olga Capanu