Cristina Grama

Cristina Grama

Cristina Grama creative director

Date of birth: 19th of December 1970

Sign: Sagittarius

Creative Director


Graduate of Sassoon Academy in London, Saco, Mazzela and Palmer, Tony and Guy, Patrick Cameron.

She becomes a stylist after graduating from the Bria Design Fashion Design course. She develops aesthetical training with the Make-up Artist diploma after graduating from the “Beauty Foir Cosmetics” Professional School. At the same time, she is a graduate of the Faculty of Legal and Administrative Sciences at the “Dimitrie Cantemir” University.

The first DVD step by step cut and color “MAGIC”

Creative and tireless organizing events, shows, presentations, communicating permanently with the clients you consider part of her life.

In 2010 he organized the “Magic Step by Step” show. She did not use models but young girls between the ages of 14-21 – looking to highlight femininity and beauty by modeling a group of friends.

Coordinator and teacher  at Fason Academy.

Core courses accredited by: MINISTRY OF LABOR, FAMILY AND EQUALITY OF SANCTIONS, NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR PROFESSIONAL TRAINING OF ADULTS, MINISTRY OF RESEARCH AND YOUTH. She designed the “Trust of the Key to Success” course / style-haircut, styling color, coordinated the collection ……… .. with Schwarzkopf Professional stylists and awarded Master’s degrees

• Organized the Autumn-Winter 2010 collection “Rockahollic”

• Organized Spring-Summer 2011 collection “Shango”

• Autumn-Winter Collection 2012 “Jazz”

• “J’adore Brincusi” Collection

• The “Transilvania Mon Amour” Collection

• “Moldova-lovers, create, hope” collection

• The collection “Sarmizegetus – Who are we?”

• “Underground Romania”

• The “Brancovenesti Echoes”

• The “Balance”

• “Balance” collection – part two

• The “Journey, Travel, Journey”

• The “Dust”

• Abstract Collection

• The “Knowledge, Creation, Faith” collection

• “Armonia of Arts” collection

• “Identity & Evolution” Collection

• “PLACEBO” Collection

• The “Between Worlds”

• “Visionary mind” collection

She has won many contests and she has a permanent presence at various events. TV shows, fashion shows.


• Trend Vision Award – Wella 2004

• Long Hair Fantasy – Les Nouvelles Estetiques 2004

• The Grand Prize – Trend Vision Award – Wella 2005

• Originality – Trend Vision Award – Gala Wella 2007

• Intercoiffure Romania Trophy – 2008 – Amazonia Collection

• Excellence in aesthetics award received at the Les Nouvelles Estetique-2010 congress • “Woman Matters” Trophy – Management – 2013

• Gala Wella – Stage is yours – 2014

• It was unimaginable for the personality of 2018 by Cosmobeauty on the occasion of the 10-year celebration, along with personalities who have changed and developed the Beauty industry in Romania.

He has released professional DVDs and collaborates with various publications. She has many beautiful girlfriends: fashion designers, stylists, make-up artists, stars or not!

Because every customer is a star who devotes all of its energy, in 2009 he organized a photo exhibition “Touch Concept”. In the special atmosphere of the Ghica palace, accompanied by a select audience, the 42 works have been mirrored for a week in Lake Tei.